Construction Process

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Property secured with Expression of Interest and initial $1000 deposit.

Land and Building contracts are signed with the purchaser

Call Australia Home arranges counter signing by the relevant parties and forward to Solicitors/ Vendors/Buyers/ Agents

Call Australia Home Conveyance team check the documentation is in order, scans and emails contract copies to lending institution for the finance application to commence.

Finance approval is received from lending institution based on Bank valuation

Finance confirmed by solicitor and contracts go unconditional

Settlement on the land occurs 21 days after unconditional finance and/ or land registration

Soil tests, Engineering and working drawings are ordered


Property submitted for council approval (BA)

Once all council approvals are received, the 5% deposit payment is made by the lending institution and the Builder has permission to access site.

Base Stage – Site works & Slab

Frame Stage – Construction of Wall & Frame etc

Enclosed Stage – Construction of Roof, Cladding & Lock up

Fixing Stage – Plumbing, Electrical, Tiling & Internal linings

Practical Completion – Final Approvals & Touch up Maintenance, Depreciation Schedule and Outsourced Quality Control is ordered

Handover – keys & handover pack is provided to property manager and owner (Landlord Insurance and Lawn and Garden Care is ordered through the property manager)

6 month Maintenance comes into effect.

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